Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poor Man's Hop Engine!

You may have noticed that my blogging really comes to a standstill during the Summer. I have one good reason why: The boys are out for SUMMER! We're like a whirling dervish. Working, and on vacation and sucking the creative energies right out of me.

I haven't even had time to update on all of the amazing festivities that took place in our beer world... maybe I'll be able to recap later.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post what I'm calling the Poor Man's Hop Engine. We were in Portland for a family wedding and hoping to get to the Horse Brass for some beer out of the hop engine. Having such a good time at my uncle's farm, we never got off Sauvie's Island. He did; however, create a hop engine of his own - with hops grown from his farm.

We drank 'Session' beer through this fine piece of machinery and boy was it a treat! Really picked up the fresh hop oils.

Even my grandpa loved it. What do you expect from a beer crafting family?